Invitation to join the database of gender experts for European research and innovation

Dear GenPORT colleagues,

Horizon 2020 considers gender as a cross-cutting issue and it shall be adequately integrated in research and innovation content at the level of Work Programmes and projects. Applicants to Horizon 2020 calls are encouraged to include the gender dimension in their proposals. The European Commission is continuously looking for experts with gender expertise in all areas of Horizon 2020 calls to evaluate submitted research proposals.

To find experts with relevant expertise who are willing to evaluate research proposals, the Commission uses an online database. You can register in this database on the Participant Portal (

It is very important that you indicate your gender expertise next to your original / main area of training and it has now become much easier than in the past. The Commission therefore encourages you to signal your gender expertise, whether you register for the first time or would like to update your expertise. In the following links you will find:

1) Criteria for gender expertise, as established by the Horizon 2020 Advisory Group on Gender, and

2) Guidance on how to signal your gender expertise in the database prepared by the Gender Sector of DG Research and Innovation.

The European Commission will greatly appreciate your cooperation in increasing the number of experts with gender expertise in its expert database.

Kind regards,


Ineke Klinge PhD

Chair H2020 Advisory Group on Gender

2015 Visiting professor at Institute of Gender in Medicine (GiM)/Charité, Universitätsmedizin, Berlin

E :

T : +31 26 4439963


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