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Gender in research as a mark of excellence Background The 7th Framework Programme strives to promote gender equality in scientific research, by facilitating the participation of women scientists and integrating the gender dimension into research content in all research areas. Objectives The toolkit and training packages give the research community practical tools to integrate gender aspects into FP7 research, including equal opportunities for women and men AND the gender dimension of research, thereby contributing to excellence in research. Who are the toolkit and training for? Researchers, people preparing project proposals, National Contact Points, FP7 project coordinators and participants. Content overview How is the gender dimension integrated into a project? The training introduces the practical toolkit. It comprises an overall introduction into gender and research and shows how gender is interwoven with all aspects of research. It then examines in pragmatic terms how the gender dimension of research content contributes to excellence in research. It also analyses case studies based on concrete examples drawn from nine specific research fields: health; food, agriculture and biotechnology; nanosciences, materials and new production technologies; energy; environment; transport; socio-economic sciences and humanities; science in society and specific activities of international cooperation. Training method One-day training sessions: the morning consists of a general introduction to gender in research, while in the afternoon specific research fields are addressed with practical exercises. The method combines cognitive (knowledge-based) and inductive (experience-based) elements. The programme is constructed as much as possible as an interactive workshop, where all participants have the opportunity to contribute to the session.
Tuesday, November 1, 2011 to Saturday, December 1, 2012
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"Gender in EU-funded Research - Toolkit and Training"
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