REALM Project: Really Exploring and Learning Meteorology

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Mission Statement Through teacher professional development, student scientific-engagement, and parental awareness, we will work to foster gender-equity in the middle school classroom and increase young girls' self-concept and awareness of opportunities in science-related careers as well as enhance young boys' perceptions of females in science. Overall Project Goals The overall goal of this project is to significantly enhance access of young girls to improved science, mathematics, and technology (SMT) education, as well as expose them to possibilities in meteorology-related careers. The primary population of young girls we are working with consists of underserved middle school girls. This project is a collaborative effort with the Miami-Dade County Public School (MDCPS) district. By engaging girls in real science, the project has the potential to affect change in girls' self-concept as they begin to learn about the possibilities for them in presently male dominated careers such as meteorology. In addition, this project has the potential to increase the pedagogical content knowledge of participating science teachers, as well as educate parents/guardians, teachers, and students enrolled in eighteen of Miami-Dade's fifty-two middle schools.
Tuesday, January 1, 2002
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