Gender Monitoring 2012/13: Report on the Situation of Equal Opportunities for Women and Men in Studies and Science

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The 2012/13 gender monitoring provides updated information on the situation of gender equality at ETH Zurich. As an update to the 2011/12 report, it focuses not only on the core data regarding the overall gender equality situation at ETH and its individual departments, but it also presents the results of two additional surveys. In light of the Equal!-Exit-Survey we have interviewed scientists within the period of January 2011 to October 2012 who have left the ETH domain after their doctoral degree or at a later point in their scientific career. Subjects were asked to detail the reason for leaving, the place they were leaving for and their general opinion of ETH Zurich. Furthermore, Equal! has questioned employees, in light of the survey on employees and doctoral students of 2012, on the various aspects of discrimination.

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