Methodologies and Measures for Analysing Informal Decision-Making and Communication Processes

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The purpose of FESTA is to affect structural and cultural change in higher level education and research institutes, and particularly in their decision-making bodies and processes so as to create more transparent and inclusive decision-making processes, which will advance gender equality (FESTA, 2012).

Specifically, this Deliverable reports the advancement of the first stage of activities related to Work Package (WP) 4.2. Four partner institutions are involved in this Work Package: FBK (Fondazione Bruno Kessler), an Italian institute of research employing around 500 researchers; ITU (Istanbul Technical University), a Turkish technical state University employing around 2300 academics and with an enrolment of around 30000 students, SWU (South West University), a Bulgarian University with around 14000 students and 800 faculty members, and UU (Uppsala University), located in Sweden and with a body of 45000 students and with a teaching staff of roughly 1800.

Work Package 4.2 aims at increasing transparency and inclusivity in the informal decision-making and communication processes in the research units and at enabling/creating an enduring transformation of the organisational culture favouring a more active participation of women in all the decision- making and communication processes.

In this first stage we directed our efforts towards two intermediate goals:

  1. a)  Establishing an operational methodology for analysing the impact of informal communication and decision-making processes on the life of the basic (research and teaching) units of our target institutions.

  2. b)  Formulating policy amendments aimed at changing the status quo in situations where participation and transparency where lacking.

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