Prof Dr Fiona Jenkins

“GenPort is a great resource for all of us who care both about gender equity and about progress in knowledge and thinking. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that gender inequality distorts fields of research. It may be responsible for the phenomenon of gender segregation into different fields of research, tacitly coded as ‘masculine’ and ‘feminine’, and effects like lower citation rates and less acknowledgment for women’s work can also have serious consequences in shaping research fields. I’m particularly interested in how this problem shows up in social science fields. Its important to ask how well we can grapple with gender inequalities in society more broadly if academic disciplines that aim to understand social and political life contain strong biases and are blind to the effects of inequality within them.”

Fiona Jenkins is Associate Professor in the School of Philosophy, RSSS, Australian National University. Her current research covers two projects, one on the political philosophy of Judith Butler, which focuses on questions of political legitimacy, violence and non-violence, in post-national frameworks; the other, “Gendered Excellence in the Social Sciences” examines the relation between gender equity, disciplinary norms and ideas of ‘excellence’ in academic disciplines. She has also been the Convenor of the ANU Gender Institute, 2013-15, and remains closely involved in its work.