Prof Dr Tomas Brage

“For all of us that work on trying to spread knowledge and understanding of a Gender Dimension in all subjects, including e.g. Physics and Maths, it is essential to support our claims and exemplify our conclusions. GenPORT offers an excellent tool to find the recent research that will convince even the most stubborn opponent to change.”

Tomas Brage is a Professor of Physics at the Lund University, Sweden, and a visiting researcher at the Fudan University in Shanghai, China. At Lund University he has led the Gender Certification project and, most recently, the Core-Value project. 2012 he has received the Gunilla Jarlbro award for important contributions to the strive for equal opportunities in academia. Brage is a steering group member for the workgroup for Gender of the Leading European Research Universities (LERU) network, the Gender_STE COST network and the GENERA Horizon 2020 project.