BASNET Forumas

About (original language): 

BASNET Forumas is an association registered in Lithuania It is legal non-profit organisation guided by Lithuanian laws.

Activities of the BASET Forumas are concernd with:
1. Monitoring and analysies of Baltic States science policies targeted to gender-sensitive and women-friendly system of S&HT; 
2. Mobilization of international efforts of social partners for implementation BASNET strategy in the Baltic States region; Coordination of BASNET network ;
3. Accumulation and dissemination of good practices in solving women in science problem;
4. Updating and analysis of BASNET Data basis;
5. Other activities to improve women in sciences situation in Sciences and high technology.

BASNET Forumas is an international association based on the member institutions of the unique network linking women scientists working in the sciences and high technology and science policy makers for insurance of equal gender opportunities in sciences in the Baltic States region.

The mission of BASNET Forumas is to mobilize the efforts of members to support the implementation of BASNET Women in Sciences strategy in the BALTIC States region;

The Vision is gender-sensitive and women-friendly system of S&HT, the gender-balanced and gender-aware academic community, where both counterparts has equal opportunities to develop and fully exploit her/his talents of researching, teaching, administrating, and policy making at all levels of institutional hierarchies in S&HT.

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