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Name Country Scientific discipline E2E Member
markmcglashanbcu's picture Mark McGlashan Mark United Kingdom Social sciences, Other social sciences No
goncagunay's picture Gonca Gunay Turkey Social sciences Yes
Galma Akdeniz's picture Galma Akdeniz Turkey Social sciences, Sociology, Law Yes
Elif Reis Social sciences, Humanities No
Gemma.Irvine's picture Gemma Irvine Ireland Natural sciences, Other natural sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Rodrigo Rosa's picture Rodrigo Rosa Portugal Social sciences, Sociology Yes
Özge Altin Sweden Social sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary No
Bettina Enzenhofer No
BEO's picture Observatory for sociopolitical developments in Europe Beobachtungsstelle für gesellschaftspolitische Entwicklungen in Europa Germany Social sciences, Educational sciences, Sociology No
Tindara Addabbo's picture Tindara Addabbo Italy Social sciences, Economics and business, Interdisciplinary Yes
Mariana Popova Luxembourg Natural sciences, Engineering and technology, Medical and health sciences No
Taylor Baker USA Engineering and technology Yes
Vera Faria Brazil Social sciences, Sociology, Law Yes
Melanie Kintz Germany Social sciences, Interdisciplinary Yes
Dory Reeves's picture Dory Reeves New Zealand Yes
Daria Karacetin Karacetin Ukraine Social sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Yes
Sarah Peers's picture Sarah M C Peers United Kingdom of Great Britain (UK) Natural sciences, Mathematics, Engineering and technology Yes
Marta Urbanska's picture Marta Urbanska Germany Natural sciences, Engineering and technology, Medical and health sciences No
Maria Grethe Gulicova Austria Social sciences, Humanities Yes
Anne Avu Nigeria Social sciences, Humanities, Interdisciplinary Yes
Ahlam Ahmed's picture Ahlam Ahmed Yemen Humanities Yes
Michael Oppong-Kumesi Ghana None specifically / all Yes
Betty Achan South Sudan Yes
Lourdes Muñoz España Engineering and technology, Interdisciplinary Yes
Alisa Petroff España Social sciences Yes
Ziyoda Kurbanova Switzerland No
Marta Benet Blasco España Medical and health sciences, Health sciences, Interdisciplinary No
TanjaPe's picture Tanja Petrović Slovenia Humanities Yes
Ernesta Grigalionyte-Bembič Slovenia Social sciences, Law No
Pavla Rypackova Czech Republic Social sciences, Sociology, Social and economic geography Yes
Bryan Kearney No
Georgiana Turculet Denmark Humanities Yes
SeGReVUni's picture SeGReVUni Project Global Interdisciplinary Yes
Violette Zecchi France No
Sonam Prakashini Banka Social sciences, Psychology No
chiara.anzolini's picture Chiara Anzolini Italy Natural sciences, Earth and related environmental sciences No
Adrien Braem Belgium None specifically / all No
Ewa Stoecker Poland Social sciences, Humanities No
Lidia Zakowska Poland No