Council of Europe: Gender Equality

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Council of Europe - Gender Equality

From the 1980s onwards, the Council of Europe has played a major role in the development of norms and concepts such as parity democracy, gender budgeting and gender mainstreaming, that have been providing a new approach to gender equality, shaping its development in Europe. 

Main focus of the Council of Europe activities in relation to gender
- Combating gender stereotypes and sexism;
- Preventing and combating violence against women;
- Guaranteeing the equal access of women to justice;
- Achieving the balanced participation of women and men in political and public
- Promoting gender mainstreaming in all policies and measures in the Council
of Europe.

The Council of Europe Transversal Programme on Gender Equality, launched in 2012, aims to increase the impact and visibility of gender equality standards and to support their implementation in member states. To achieve its aim and advance the gender equality agenda, the Programme builds on the political and financial support of the member states, as well as and on the contribution of all Council of Europe decision-making, advisory and monitoring bodies. The Council of Europe Gender Equality Commission is at the centre of these efforts. Gender Equality Rapporteurs appointed in steering committees and monitoring bodies of the Council of Europe and working on different topics (e.g., education, media, sport, terrorism and corruption) provide standards, innovative policy recommendations and feed into the work and activities of the Gender Equality Commission.

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