Gender Cage-Revisited. Handbuch Zur Organisations- Und Geschlechterforschung

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This long-overdue handbook provides a survey ─ inevitably selective ─ of organizational gender studies or, respectively, gendered organizational theory. It is the first of its kind in the German-speaking realm. Clearly structured and easy to read throughout, the sixteen contributions and the introduction present the current state of knowledge of a line of research which in our linguistic area is still fairly recent. At the same time, the articles provide impulses for the further development of theory and of empirical social studies that cover the intersection of organization, society and gender. As the contributions show, so far it has rather been gender studies that have embraced organizational theory than vice versa. Future dialogue between the two fields of research is to be promoted.

Author: Maria Funder

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DOI: 10.14766/1186
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