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Aarhus University is an academically diverse and strongly research-oriented institution that creates and shares knowledge.
The university was founded in 1928 and today it has several world class research fields.
Aarhus University (AU) is a top ten university among universities founded within the past 100 years. It has a long tradition of partnerships with some of the world's best research institutions and university networks.
AU has a strong commitment to the development of society that is realised through its collaboration with government agencies and institutions and the business community.
The university’s goal is to contribute towards solving the complex global challenges facing the world. The university therefore strives to combine the high level of academic standards of its researchers with collaboration across disciplinary boundaries to combine research in new ways.
This takes place in close contact with the world around us and creates the basis for the university to be internationally competitive within the areas of research, education, talent development and knowledge exchange.

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