Femmes & Sciences Association

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The French “Women & Science” association

Following the pioneering studies by Huguette Delavault on the overall situation of women in science and the observation that women were notably absent at various important decision levels in science and technology, a group of women from various science disciplines and professional backgrounds founded the association « Women & Science. »

The association « Women & Science » has as partners the associations femmes & mathématiquesFemmes Ingénieurs and APMST. A poster « Women in Science and Engineering » edited in cooperation with these associations is available here.

The association « Women & Science » is a full member of the European Platform of Women Scientists (EPWS) and is represented in its present Board of Administration.

  • To improve the position of women in science and technology, both in the public and private sectors
  • To promote a positive image of science and of women in science among women
  • To encourage more young people, and particularly women, to study science or technology and pursue careers in these disciplines

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