Gender Awareness Participation Process: Differences in the choices of science careers - GAPP

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On the basis of recent studies, it clear that gender differences still exist in science in the EU; it is well known, for example, that girls are statistically less interested than boys in certain branches of science and technology. On a broader level, young people are losing contact with science and the number of science students in universities has decreased. The GAPP project will act on both levels by establishing an integrated process of qualitative research and developing new practices in science communication and education to reach three well-defined objectives: 1. to understand the loss of interest from young people, particularly girls, in science and technology studies and careers by exploring differences in their perception of S&T professionals, while raising awareness among experts and stakeholders on this issue; 2. to implement social dialogue between the research community, teachers, students, parents and other social actors in order to identify main issues and expectations from these groups ; 3. to develop and test a range of practical activities (didactic activities, labs, stage, etc.) that go in the direction of overcoming gender differences and creating a connection between high school students and the professional worlds of science and technology. These aims will be achieved through a range of research instruments, participative procedures to deepen discussion and provide the opportunity to develop creative solutions and "pilot activities" to test the proposed practical solutions. Each phase will provide results that will be useful for themselves and also as a basis for the next step in activities. The overall process and outcomes will be assessed and published for the diffusion of findings and recommendations to take into account the gender dimension in science education and in career guidance.
Monday, January 1, 2007 to Monday, December 1, 2008
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