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The ‘Guidelines to Design a Customised Gender Equality Plan (GEP)’ – (D3.3.) provide concrete guidance for the second stage of the TARGET project for the seven Gender Equality Innovating Institutions (GEIIs) participating in the project: three research performing organisations (including two universities - University of Belgrade, Serbia; UH2C, Morocco - and a public research performing organisation - ELIAMEP, Greece), three research funding organisations (ARACIS, Romania; FRRB, Italy; RPF, Cyprus) and a network of universities in the Mediterranean basin (RMEI). Based on the TARGET gender equality audit tool (GEAT) this general guidance document tries to help TARGET implementing institutions identify initial priorities of the GEP on the basis of the audits undertaken. Specifically it walks the GEIIs through how to use the results (of the audit) to design the GEP in a reflexive and participative way –thereby further embedding the GEP process within the institution. Although the focus is on the GEP, these guidelines are meant to be also useful for designing a consistent Gender Equality Strategy (GES) in the case of the network of universities. 

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