Mary Franzese

"GenPORT is the right source to have a deep knowledge about gender, inclusion and women empowerment. It is the right place where both women and men can express themselves and give us the "equal" insights about their participation in social and economic issues.”

Mary Franzese is a 31-years-old the strategy and marketing master. She has joined Neuron Guard in the early stage of​ ​its incubation because of her attention and competence in the field of management and accounting, becoming a key​ ​element for the implementation of the solution. After taking a Master Degree in Economics at LIUC University in 2011,​ ​she has worked for two years as manager of a cooperative active in the healthcare field, supplying a wide range of​ ​services to rehabilitation cente​rs​ ​in Naples. This experience has given her the chance to interact with institutional​ ​​healthcare related partner, understanding the peculiar characteristics of this field. In 2014, she completed a Master in​ ​Entrepreneurship and Corporate Strategy (MISA Program) at SDA Bocconi School of Management. the best milestone​ ​to date is connected to the European Prize for Women Innovators. This year, Mary was one of the finalists of the​ ​European Commission’s annual EU Prize for Women Innovators in the new category of Rising Women Innovator, which​ ​recognizes excellence in female​ ​entrepreneurs aged 30 and under.​ ​She has also received "Donne che ce l'hanno fatta" Prize from Stati Generali delle Donne and Europa Italia.​ ​Moreover, this year Wired Italia named me in the​ ​Top​ ​50 influential people to watch out in 2017.