Women in Mathematics in Finland

Women in Mathematics in Finland
organised by European Women in Mathematics and supported by Department of Mathematics and Statistics of University of Helsinki.

​The seminar will take place on Nov 9th at 4 pm in Exactum CK112. The Head of Department Mats Gyllenberg will open the event.

Our guest speaker will be Senior University Lecturer and Docent Kirsi Peltonen, from Aalto University.
[read Kirsi's interview on Kumpula Women website]

Geometry meets Dynamics​ - Kirsi Peltonen​
I will discuss about an exciting generalization of planar rational functions to higher dimensional spaces with di​​fferent types of geometries. I will present ideas of some basic constructions and open questions in the field to reveal the flavor of this research that belongs to geometric analysis. This talk is for a general audience without any deep prerequisites. Some ideas from basic complex analysis are helpful.

​The talk is aimed to a general audience and will be in English language. Everybody is warmly welcome!

For more information:
Paola Elefante, EWM coordinator for Finland, paola.elefante@helsinki.fi

Monday, November 9, 2015 - 17:00 to 19:00
University of Helsinki
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