Committee for Gender Balance in Research (KIF), Norway

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Launched in 2004, the KIF committee has now completed three terms. The third committee changed its name from the Committee for Mainstreaming – Women in Science to the Committee for Gender Balance in Research.

The fourth KIF committee has been appointed to serve from 1 January 2014 to 31 December 2017. It is chaired by Professor Curt Rice.

The Committee will support and provide recommendations on measures that can contribute to the mainstreaming of the gender equality efforts at the institutions within the university and college sector as well as the research institute sector.

The Committee may also contribute to an overall awareness-raising around issues connected to the skewed gender balance in academia and the research sector.

Actors and institutions in the university and college sector and in the research institutes sector, departments and the Research Council of Norway will be able to apply for advice from the Committee.

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