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Prof. Dr. Virginija Šidlauskiene, PhD, is a Head and Chief Researcher at the Centre for Gender Studies and Research of Siauliai University. Her research focuses on gender equality mainsreaming impact on institutional, national and European levels and on sociology of gendered organizations, cities (spaces) research careers, governance of research and research assessment from a gender perspective. Having been engaged in the gender equality and non-discrimination work since 1996 she published over 100 scientific papers, designed a number of gender sensitive social innovations and shared good practice at the EU and national level. She is Editor-in-Chief of scientific journal “Gender Studies and Research”, an expert of Expert Forum of European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), the expert of the Group of Specialists on Gender Equality Standards and Mechanisms at European Council, the EU expert on gender equality issues, indicators and equal opportunities, the expert of database „Lituanistika“ and national gender equality policy expert. She has published extensively in the area of equal opportunities and gender equality in state policy and strategy, in higher education and research institutions, in area of gender impact assessment in Structural Funds, standardizations and measurement gender equality.

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