Guide to Promoting Gender Equality for Research & Innovation Funding Organisations: Data collection and impact monitoring

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As part of its commitment to making gender equality a reality, from 2022, the European Commission will require that a Gender Equality Plan (GEP) is in place for individual organisations applying to Horizon Europe for funding.

Considering the unique position of, and the lack of specific guidance for Research and Innovation Funding Organisations, this guide aims to support the establishment and monitoring of GEPs and the monitoring of their effect on external-facing stakeholders within the activities of R&IFOs. This guide is designed specifically for R&IFOs to support them in collecting gender-related data, and provides practical information to R&IFOs regarding rationale for, special considerations and specific areas of inclusion in data collection practices. By following a consistent approach to data collection across international funding agencies, informed by European legislation and identified good practice, R&IFOs will be supported in assessing progress against gender equality targets and performing benchmarking practices, allowing them to identify areas that require further action.

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