Milada Paulova Award

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In 2009 the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports introduced the Milada Paulova Award, for lifelong achievement in science for women researchers. National Contact Centre for Gender & Science has ensured Milada Paulova Award organizationally for the Ministry. The Milada Paulova Award aims to publicly and financially appreciate research achievements of prominent Czech women researchers, provides role models and inspires women researchers and students at the beginning of their research careers. The Milada Paulova Award is conferred for making a major contribution in a particular discipline, including pedagogical work, supervision, cooperation with civil society or the industrial sector. Women researchers who can be nominated are active in the academic, civil society or private research sectors. The Award is conferred in a specific discipline each year.

The Award is named after the first Czech woman to lecture at a university (1925) and to receive a professorship (1939), historian Milada Paulova.


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