Recommendations from the Taskforce for More Women in Research

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The percentage of female professors at universities is lower in Denmark than in other Nordic countries, and lower than the EU and OECD average. This lower level of utilising female talent in Danish research does not benefit Denmark. We need to bring the best talents into play if we are to survive as a knowledge society in an ever increasingly competitive international arena. Simply put, this is the background for the formation of the task force for more women in research.
During the first three months of 2015, the task force has discussed what can be done in the short-term to increase the number of women in Danish research, especially at professor and management levels. Currently, only 18% of professors in Denmark are women and projections based on the current rate of increase show that the balance between men and women will only first be achieved in 45-50 years depending on which calculation model is used for the projections. On the basis of a number of available analyses, reports and statistics, we have identified six focus areas and propose a number of recommendations in these areas, which are aimed at universities, research councils, foundations and at the political level. We recommend that this advice is discussed and given consideration in the different environments, that it is then implemented where appropriate and that a simple national benchmarking tool (talent barometer) is introduced to follow the development. The task force proposes that the Danish Council for Research and Innovation Policy allows the issue of the effect of special initiatives aimed at women in Denmark and internationally to be part of the council's coming international analysis so that the Danish society of researchers, universities and decision makers have a solid, informed foundation for discussing this area.

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