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ESF 2024-Jan-15 UniSAFE toolkit
MarinaRad 2022-Sep-05 RESET Joint statement on our engagement for equality, diversity and excellence in research
MarinaRad 2022-Sep-05 Co-design starter kit
MarinaRad 2022-Sep-05 GIA checklist and protocol in all project languages
MarinaRad 2022-Sep-05 Gender Impact Assessment (GIA) guidelines
MarinaRad 2022-Sep-05 Toolbox for gender-neutral, diversity-oriented institutional communication
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Jul-20 ¿Cómo conseguir una docencia más equitativa? Recomendaciones para incluir la perspectiva d...
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Apr-06 Inspiring GE: videos presenting H2020 SUPERA inspiring practices
Vicky Moumtzi's picture Vicky Moumtzi 2022-Feb-22 The GE Academy database
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Feb-03 Tailor-made guides for gender-sensitive communication in research and academia
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Feb-02 SUPERA gender equality plans
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Jan-28 Towards violence-free research organisations: interview with Anne Laure Humbert
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Jan-28 The impact of the pandemic on gender equality in Academia: three case studies
Paola Carboni's picture Paola Carboni 2022-Jan-28 Gender equality in R&I ecosystems: engaging external actors in institutional change pr...
clestrie's picture clestrie 2020-Mar-09 Call for Papers: Diversity and Work Atmosphere in Research Organisations
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-10 Measuring Gender Diversity in Research Teams: Methodological Foundations of the Gender Div...
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-10 Using Wearable Sensors in Gender Research. Comparative Case Study Report.
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-10 Gender Diversity and Team Science. Conceptual Framework
slozano 2018-Oct-09 Gender balance in the scientific production of the Atapuerca archaeological and palaeontol...
caricaro's picture caricaro 2018-Oct-08 Gender Diversity Index - how inclusive is your team?