Safe Cities

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his module contains distilled knowledge - lessons learned and step - by - step guidance for creating safe cities and communities for women and girls. The module includes a compendium of tools, manuals, training modules and other materials (text, audio and visual) on ―how to‖ create safe cities and communities for women and girls to l ive a life free of violence. Also, this resource contains case studies and summaries of good practices, and a r egistry of regional resource centres and experts associated with safe cities for women. The module contains tools that focus on the identificati on and prevention of gender - based violence against women in cities, particularly in public spaces. While the concept of safe cities is broader, this module currently focuses primarily on cities. This approach prioritizes the advancement of women‘s rights t o create and live in safe cities and communities. Within this approach, special emphasis is given to violence prevention, government accountability, community mobilization and participation, women‘s empowerment, and the improvement of neighbourhoods and th e urban environment in general. Together, these strategies are meant to enhance social relations and trust among all citizens in a community.

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