Stocktaking 10 years of "women in science" policy by the European Commission 1999-2009

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Ten years ago the European Commission started its activities on "women in science". This Report records this ten-year history, analyses the activities undertaken, provides an assessment of their effectiveness and appropriateness, and - whenever possible - includes a reflection on what did not work, what was not done, and how these omissions could be addressed. The authors believe that this report - a stocktaking of 10 years of activities on "women in science" - will help the European Commission to make decisions on future policy because of the perspective provided by the process of "taking stock". And this report should also help future proposal presenters, providing them with the background to the topic, and the details of previously funded projects, thereby placing the Framework Programme calls into a policy development context

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"Stocktaking 10 years of "women in science" policy by the European Commission 1999-2009"
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