Career development

Everything dealing career advancement; cooling out; “leaky pipeline”; support measures.

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Sergi Yanes 2021-Oct-28 ACT on Career Advancement
Sergi Yanes 2021-May-25 The Impact of COVID-19 on the Careers of Women in Academic Sciences, Engineering, and Medi...
joerg's picture joerg 2021-Feb-11 Reimagining academic assessment: stories of innovation and change
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Dec-17 “I am Not a Feminist, but. . .”: Hegemony of a Meritocratic Ideology and the Limits of Cri...
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Dec-17 The Tyranny of Merit: What's Become of the Common Good?
Sergi Yanes 2020-Nov-25 Building Gender Equity in the Academy
Sergi Yanes 2020-Oct-20 The Gender-Equality Paradox Is Part of a Bigger Phenomenon: Reply to Richardson and Coll...
Sergi Yanes 2020-Oct-20 The Gender-Equality Paradox in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education...
Sergi Yanes 2020-Oct-20 STEM initiatives matter: results from a systematic review of secondary school intervention...
Sergi Yanes 2020-Oct-20 Individualized Femininity and Feminist Politics of Choice
Sergi Yanes 2020-Sep-29 Implicit Bias in Academia: A Challenge to the Meritocratic Principle and to Women’s Career...
Sergi Yanes 2020-Sep-23 Covid-19: Impact on Researchers
Maria Jose Romano's picture Maria Jose Romano 2020-Sep-02 Opinion: In the wake of COVID-19, academia needs new solutions to ensure gender equity
Jelena 2020-Jul-01 COVID-19 challenges in research and academia: Lessons and further improvements
Jelena 2020-May-11 Croatia: Their path towards gender equality with an emphasis to academia and research
clestrie's picture clestrie 2020-Mar-09 Call for Papers: Diversity and Work Atmosphere in Research Organisations
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Mar-03 Promising Practices for Addressing the Underrepresentation of Women in Science, Engineerin...
admin's picture admin 2019-Oct-25 Academic career making and the double-edged role of academic housework