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Experimentarium is a science communication center with the main objective to promote the interest of natural science and technology to the general public. Our trademark is to create involving experiences for people of all ages. The direct impact on senses and body is a central issue in the way we work.

Since 1986 Experimentarium has pushed the boundries of science communication. We have done this through creating entertaining and surprising experiences for more than 6.7 million visitors - and reaching an equal number throughout nationwide outreach projects.

Experimentarium reaches out to and works in close collaboration with schools, universities, teaching institutions, companies and the general public through exhibitions and a variety of activities, courses, conferences, science shows and demonstrations communicating and teaching science.

Experimentarium has previously participated in a number of European projects – all focusing on promoting science knowledge and interest to the public and/or educational institutions. TWIST offers Experimentarium a unique opportunity to make a difference on matters of gender and recruitment of more women in science and at the same time promoting science learning and creating a network between similar institutions on this topic.

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