Towards Women in Science and Technology

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The TWIST project aims to raise awareness about the role and representation of women and men in science, through ambitious programmes and activities in science centres and museums. TWIST has 11 European partners and is coordinated by Experimentarium, Denmark. The project is financed by the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) and mainly focuses on the stereotypes and biases on societal roles of men and women and their career paths. The main objective is to create and develop innovative activities and exhibitions in the science centres targeting students, their teachers and parents to create debates and ignite on-going discussions on issues of gender and science. TWIST activities and exhibition The activities involve exhibitions in several European science centres, interactive drama, teacher trainings, scientist speed-dating and much more. A core part of the project is the TWIST exhibition comprising of a database of 42 female scientist role models and a virtual puppet, which challenges the visitor's biases. A new way of focusing on the gender theme in each partner country has been established via the 'Gender Day' coinciding with the international Women's Day. The focus here has been laid on celebrating the role of women in science and bringing female scientists into the science centres and museums to meet and communicate with visitors. An important aspect of the project is a collaboration with schools to develop new methods of approaching gender issues in schools, as well as ensure that the project's results are sustained after the end of the project period.
Friday, January 1, 2010 to Saturday, December 1, 2012
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"Towards Women in Science and Technology"
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