Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM)

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The Gender Equality Audit and Monitoring (GEAM) tool developed by the ACT project provides an integrated environment for carrying out survey-based gender equality audits in organizations (e.g. university or research performing organization) or organizational units (faculty, departments).

The GEAM tool is based upon the Athena Survey of Science, Engineering and Technology (ASSET) and on existing measurement scales in the scientific literature. It has been extended with new questions/topics and adapted to better fit the varying national contexts in Europe.

The GEAM is a modular questionnaire framework. This involves on the one hand the GEAM Core questionnaire, which comprises a relatively comprehensive collection of questions that cover most aspects of gender equality in academic organizations. The LimeSurvey version of the GEAM Core is provided as "lss" file. It provides a good starting point for implementing an initial audit and assessment of the current state-of-play in terms of gender equality in a given organization or organizational unit. On the other hand, however, the GEAM goes beyond that. Part of the present document references measurement scales that are relevant for gender equality issues but have not been included into the GEAM Core.

The GEAM tool aims to enable interested researchers as well as gender equality practitioners with little experience in the social sciences and survey methodology to construct high-quality questionnaires. Although the GEAM offers a set of standardized questions, it is the responsibility of the survey administrators to decide on the adequate questions, adapt it to both specific research interests and national/organizational contexts.

Deliverable 2.1 of the ACT project.

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