Kids4wearables: Train-the-trainer-workshop, Austria

“From fashion to technology” is the motto of Kids4wearables (2017-2019), a project funded by the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG). Pupils of five schools in the Upper Austrian region Salzkammergut go through an innovation process in which fashion serves as a vehicle, i.e. a topic that young people usually are interested in. Together with an artist, a company producing wood-based cellulose fibre, and scientists from pervasive computing and soft matter physics, the pupils approach the field of wearable technologies. In this process, the young people, aged 7-14, will be encouraged to develop their own ideas for wearables.

E-textiles serve as an interface between the first workshops on fashion and the production of textiles on the one hand, and electronic enhancement of textiles for wearables on the other hand. The teachers involved in the project will take this step with their pupils in class. This train-the-trainer workshop is offered as further education not only for the teachers of Kids4wearables but also for teachers interested in cooperating with the project through grants (10 x 1,000 Euro). With these grants ten more Austrian schools can finance small projects on wearable technologies.

For further information on the project or on the workshop please contact Birgit Hofstätter, , +43 664 82 83 978

Trainer of the workshop: Mira Yordanova (Science Center Netzwerk)

Friday, May 25, 2018 - 13:00
International Academy Traunkirchen, Austria
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