Mujeres Sociólogas. Reconocimiento de sus teorías sociológicas

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¿Tienen las mujeres un enfoque diferente al de los hombres a la hora de establecer teorías sociológicas?

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This work aims to serve to give new impetus to the already active social task of recognizing women as people who contributed knowledge to the world. Each discipline is in charge of repositioning women in the place they should be. From Sociology we must also redeem ourselves. One approach would be to retroactively canonize women who, since classical times, have done important scientific work. It is not just about a necessary and fair academic recognition, but rather it is intended to achieve, over time, a real change in the social imaginary that undervalues the feminine, root of innumerable social problems of gender coexistence nowadays that result in high spending through policies of equality and prevention of women's rights. Viewing alike is essential.

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