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Silvitaa Cabero 2023-Feb-16 Mujeres Sociólogas. Reconocimiento de sus teorías sociológicas
Sergi Yanes 2021-Oct-28 ACT on Career Advancement
Sergi Yanes 2021-Oct-28 ACT on Intersectionality
Sergi Yanes 2021-Sep-30 ACT on Resistance to Gender Equality
Sergi Yanes 2021-Sep-30 ACT on Integrating Sex and Gender Analysis in Research & Innovation
Sergi Yanes 2021-Sep-28 ACT on Decision-making
joerg's picture joerg 2020-Dec-17 The Tyranny of Merit: What's Become of the Common Good?
Sergi Yanes 2020-Nov-25 Building Gender Equity in the Academy
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-18 Gender and the Restructured University. Changing Management and Culture in Higher Educatio...
admin's picture admin 2020-Feb-12 Avveduto, S., Badaloni, S., Hermann, C. Martinelli, L., Rubbia, G., Zoppè, M. 2019. #WeT...
admin's picture admin 2020-Feb-11 Sexual Harassment in Higher Education Institutions and Research Organizations
admin's picture admin 2020-Jan-31 Badaloni, Silvana and Perini, Lorenza. "A model for building a gender equality index...
admin's picture admin 2020-Jan-21 Badaloni, Silvana, Lorenza Perini, and Come Acquistare. "A model for building a gende...
admin's picture admin 2020-Jan-21 Rippon, Gina. The Gendered Brain: The new neuroscience that shatters the myth of the femal...
admin's picture admin 2020-Jan-21 Bohnet, Iris. What works: Gender Equality by Design. Harvard Harvard university press, 201...
Laufey 2020-Jan-15 Mainstreaming Politics: Gendering Practices and Feminist Theory
Laufey 2020-Jan-15 Lombardo, E., Meier, P. and Verloo, M. eds., 2009. The discursive politics of gender equal...
Jovana MT's picture Jovana MT 2018-Aug-16 Znanost (brez) mladih. Zgodnje stopnje znanstvene kariere skozi perspektivo spola
Maria Olivella-... 2017-Oct-11 Teaching Gender. Feminist Pedagogy and Responsibility in Times of Political Crisis
Elizabeth Pollitzer's picture Elizabeth Pollitzer 2017-Jun-29 Gender and the Historian