Science Europe - Practical Guide to ImprovIng Gender Equality in Research Organisations

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This guide provides the backbone for the implementation of gender equality in different research funding and performing organisations across Europe. it starts by listing recommendations for the implementation of appropriate indicators, as well as for measures to avoid bias. It follows by providing further recommendations on how to implement an efficient system to monitor gender equality. Finally, it provides an overview of relevant grant management systems.

The background material for this guide was collected in the autumn of 2015. Thirty out of 47 SE Member organisations  responded to a survey concerning practises on indicators and measures to avoid unconscious bias against researchers of any discipline, gender, age, and so on. the results of this survey are described and analysed in the report ‘Summary of implemented indicators and Measures’ that can be found, along with the full data set, on the SE website:

Additional information concerning grant management practises was collected from the SE Members represented in the SE Working Group on Gender and Diversity. The responses to these questions are presented in the section ‘Data on Grant Management Practises in Science Europe Member Organisations’ of this guide (p. 48).

The SE Working Group on Gender and diversity hopes that this guide will be helpful for all relevant organisations aiming to address diversity and equality, and that the inclusion of good practice examples from many SE Members will better support organisations in their implementation of gender equality measures. 

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