Sex and Gender: A Reference Handbook

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Geared toward high school students, undergraduate students, and general readers, this reference work provides a thorough and unbiased treatment of sex, gender, and transgenderism—social issues of particular importance in today's world.

Sex and Gender: A Reference Handbook is a single-volume book that introduces a variety of personal, social, political, and ethical issues of concern to every young adult in the United States today. Written in a style that is accessible and engaging for student readers and researchers, this book examines subjects that are rarely discussed for readers of this age group, providing authoritative information on topics such as gender roles, gender development, and gender inequality; body image; sexual differentiation in humans; the range of human affectional expression; sex education; and LGBT discrimination.

Readers of this reference book will examine a number of important current issues relating to sex and gender, such as transgenderism, gender dysphoria, same-sex attraction, the development of gender roles, the changing perspectives on these topics, and other controversial and unresolved issues in American society today. The book also includes a Data and Documents chapter that contains laws, courts cases, and other primary documents that relate to current issues involving sex and gender.


  • Offers answers to essential questions about transgender issues that are accessible to high school students, undergraduate students, and general readers interested in sex and gender
  • Presents background and insight to a number of social issues and topics that are of considerable interest to young adults but are often treated in a very limited fashion or skipped completely in school curricula
  • Includes a chapter comprising perspective essays that voice diverse opinions regarding controversial gender issues
  • Provides additional resources that enable readers to conduct further research or stay up to date on issues that are as yet unresolved
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