Sit'N Listen! Episode 8: Discovering Sex and Gender?

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Sit'N Listen is back with another edition of Science and Society, a collaboration across disciplines. Here, we discuss many issues surrounding how certain concepts of sex and gender have become norms in our society and how these are shaped by (in, in turn, shape) our scientific understanding of this subject.

Correspondents: Rachel Hanebutt, Michelle Frank, Jessica Cussins, Kellie Owens

Advised by: Amy Gilson, Prof. Sheila Jasanoff

Special thank you to Jean Francois Gauvin and the Center for Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard for making this wonderful live recording happen. If you happen to be in the Boston area, please do check out the exhibit!

Sit'N Listen (S&S) Producers: Amy Gilson and Vinidhra Mani

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