Special Eurobarometer 401 Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI), Science and Technology

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This study follows on from that of 2010, in addressing European citizens’ general attitudes towards science and technology, and in particular:

  • European citizens’ interest and level of information in the area
  • Education in and attitudes towards science and technology
  • Sources of information about science and technology
  • The level of involvement Europeans should have in decisions about science and technology
  • The role of ethics and ethical behaviour in research
  • Young people and science
  • Gender issues and science
  • Open access to research results
  • Look at changes in opinion since the last survey in 2010

The report covers the 28 Member States. However, because the fieldwork took place before the official date of Croatia's accession to the European Union on 1 July 2013, results are presented for the EU 27 and Croatia. The findings have been analysed firstly at EU level and secondly by country. Where possible results will be compared with the survey conducted in 2010. A variety of socio-demographic variables - such as respondents’ gender, age, education and occupation - have been used to provide additional analysis. Key questions in the survey, such as the level of information about developments in science and technology have also been used as key variables in the analysis to gain a deeper insight into Europeans’ views.

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