Welcome to GenPORT!

As our project title indicates, this is “an internet portal for sharing resources and inspiring collaborative action on gender equality in science”. On it, we aim to gather and share the world’s best resources on this topic.

You may be working in any area of science and technology, gender equality, or trying to advance gender equality in these fields. For whatever reason you visit, you will find a growing global community of practice with whom to exchange information, news and experiences.

In its first version, the portal went public today, so it is still a work in progress. During the next four years, it will be gradually transformed into what we hope will be a vibrant online community of users. We will be charting our own progress on this page. We will also be posting news, announcements, and links to other good work in this field. Do visit the site again to browse, download, and most importantly to contribute for yourself.  

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