Ley Española de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación

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Ley 14/2011, de 1 de junio, de la Ciencia, la Tecnología y la Innovación (Boletín Oficial del Estado, España). Incluye la perspectiva de género de manera transversal.

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Spanish Law on Science, Technology and Innovation which includes the gender perspective as a transversal issue.

Under the impulse of the Women in Science Unit, the Science, technology and Innovation Law has incorporated specific measures:

  1. The composition of bodies, advisory boards and committees regulated by this law as well as evaluation and selection committees of the Spanish System of Science and Technology – will be adjusted to an equal presence between men and women established by the Organic Law 3/2007 of the 22nd March for the effective equality of men and women.
  2. The Spanish Strategy of Science and Technology and the State Plan of Scientific and Technical Research promote mainstreaming the gender perspective in research and technology, so that its relevance is considered in all aspects of the process, from defining the priorities of scientific/ technical research, research problems, theoretical and explanative frameworks, methods, data collection and analysis, conclusions, applications and technological developments and proposals for future studies. It will equally promote gender and women’s studies as well as concrete measures to stimulate and recognise the presence of women in research groups.
  3. The system of information about Science, Technology and Innovation will collect, treat, and diffuse – all data disaggregated by sex and will include indicators of presence and productivity.
  4. The selection and evaluation procedures for research personnel employed by the Public Universities and Public Research Bodies of the general administration of the State and the procedures of conceding  financial grants   by research funders –will establish mechanisms in order to eliminate gender bias, to include – where possible – confidential mechanisms of evaluation – that impede evaluators to know personal characteristics of the evaluated person – in particular their gender or race.
  5. The State Strategy of Innovation will promote the incorporation of the gender perspective as a mainstreaming category in all aspects of their development.
  6. Public Research Bodies will adopt equality plans in a maximum period of two years after the publication of the law – which will be subject to annual monitoring. The said plans should include incentive measures for those centres to improve their gender indicators corresponding to annual monitoring.


  1. In addition the principles established in the Law on Science, Technology and Innovation as of 2013 were being developed through an additional thirteenth provision on incorporating the gender dimension. Consequently, some public research organizations have drawn up plans for gender equality including the gender dimension in research content, some of them already approved (see below).



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