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Sergi Yanes 2020-Sep-23 Covid-19: Impact on Researchers
Maria Jose Romano's picture Maria Jose Romano 2020-Sep-02 Opinion: In the wake of COVID-19, academia needs new solutions to ensure gender equity
Jelena 2020-Jul-28 Gender Equality and Structural Change in Research and Academia in Germany – CHANGE and SPE...
Jelena 2020-Jul-01 Humour against gender equality stereotypes
Jelena 2020-Jul-01 COVID-19 challenges in research and academia: Lessons and further improvements
Grasenick's picture Grasenick 2020-May-22 When is a tool a tool? An analysis of toolkits, guiding materials & websites to integr...
arroyo_lidia's picture arroyo_lidia 2020-May-13 Coronavirus Knowledge Hub- Gender, Sex and Sexualities
Jelena 2020-May-11 Croatia: Their path towards gender equality with an emphasis to academia and research
Angela Townsend's picture Angela Townsend 2020-May-06 Exploring the workplace for LGBT+ Physical Scientists
Jelena 2020-Mar-20 On-site visits progress and evaluation
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-18 Gender and the Restructured University. Changing Management and Culture in Higher Educatio...
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-18 Mentoring and sponsorship in higher education institutions: men’s invisible advantage in S...
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-18 Leadership practices by senior position holders in Higher Educational Research Institutes:...
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-17 Diversity in diversity policy: the case of the Scandinavian countries
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-17 Fixing the Women or Fixing Universities: Women in HE Leadership
chris h's picture chris h 2020-Mar-17 Guidance to facilitate the implementation of targets to promote gender equality in researc...
clestrie's picture clestrie 2020-Mar-09 Call for Papers: Diversity and Work Atmosphere in Research Organisations
Rachel Palmén's picture Rachel Palmén 2020-Feb-20 Gendering Decision Making and Communications Processes
Jelena 2020-Feb-20 Working together towards gender equality in academia – SPEAR’s cooperation with sister pro...
Jelena 2020-Feb-20 Cultivating Humanities: the Studies of Gender