ACT - Co-creation Toolkit - Version 2.0 Complete

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This document presents the Co-creation Toolkit for the Communities of Practice (CoP) of the ACT project and their Facilitators. It also shows how and with the use of which tools and methods the toolkit can help CoPs operate, develop, implement gender equality plans (GEP), gender equality (GE) measures and activities, and facilitate institutional change in relation to GE in HE and R&I.

The draft consists of the toolkit’s theoretical framework which includes the EIGE roadmap to GEPs, CoP lifecycle phases, CoP success factors, the four areas of CoP activity, and tips for gender equality projects. At the same time, the theoretical framework provides the structure for the design of the toolkit. Based on the guidance drawn out of the theoretical frameworks, the toolkit contains participatory methods for co-creation to support the CoPs, as well as tips for visual and documenting methods and online tools.

This is the final version 2.

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